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July 2014, John Common found in Las Vegas! You can find him at 30 Strada diVillagio #321 Henderson NV 89011
John Common is in Las Vegas and using the aliases John Cavelli; Jac Khavari; or John Cavelli. Don’t be conned, it’s actually John Common!
He is running a Student Loan scam. Commercial real estate scams.
Libby Muelhaupt, Elizabeth Muelhaupt notified authorities in Nevada regarding John Common's endangering a minor and child abuse in Nevada.
Criminal investigation underway!!
If you see John Common (look at these photos) in Nevada or Arizona please let Police know.
He has a July 2014 current arrest warrant!!

Click below to see news video of John Common

Libby Muelhaupt wins $500K in Internet Libel suit against ex-husband
John "Twinkle Toes" Common.

June 19, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt won $500,000 in damages stemming from an internet libel case against her ex-husband, John "Twinkle Toes" Common, as John Common is known, opened multiple web sites in Libby Muelhaupt's name as well as comments and postings on consumer websites to libel her and blame her for his own actions. Court Documents proved that everything John A. Common wrote were, in fact, lies and intended to defame and damage his 4th ex-wife. An arrest warrant (the second one in 2 months) was issued for John Common. John Common cowardly fled and is believed to be living in Mesa, AZ but is using a NYC mailing address for his latest company "SPF New York".

August 9, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt wins another case against John Common AKA "Twinkle Toes". John A. Common was not available for comment. Bounty hunters are now searching for John "Twinkle Toes" Common. When captured he will face criminal charges for contempt, uttering false checks, failing to pay child support, fleeing, and endangering a minor.


A FORCE in the community.


Libby Muelhaupt works hard locally, within her state, and at a federal level, to help her community and country become a better place. She is currently working as an advocate to help pass
AZ HB-2004, which will criminalize internet fraud, malicious lible, and identity theft.

Libby Muelhaupt wins Internet Liable suit against John "Twinkle Toes" Common. Proves in court John Common is a liar!

 June 19, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt (acknowledging she will never see the money) won $500,000 in damages stemming from an internet liable case against her ex-husband. John "Twinkle Toes" Common, as John Common is known, opened multiple web sites in Libby Muelhaupt's name to liable her. Court Documents proved that everything John A. Common wrote were, in fact, lies.

Libby Muelhaupt believes in the 4 ways to be a force for good.

1. Give others something to believe in.

Inspiring others is not magic, but it's also not easy. To inspire others, you must first believe in something. Talk about your life's calling. What is your purpose, cause, or belief? The more you talk about it, the more you will inspire others to find theirs. When they do, be among their biggest champions.

2. Build a community that cares.

Don't just build a "company culture." Build a community where relationships are formed and people genuinely care about each other. You will make an impact if you are serious about honoring the humanity of your employees. When you believe that people are human beings first and worker bees second, you say something about their worth. Consequently, they will sign up to be in your army and smash through walls for you.


3Say "thank you" and mean it.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful yet underestimated aspects of leadership. In fact, employees rank appreciation extremely high among incentives.

Appreciate someone working consecutive 16-hour days? Tell her.

Love someone's idea and how it helped break through some barriers? Say so.

Thankful that someone believes in your dream? Say "thank you."

The key with gratitude is to keep it specific and heartfelt. People are adept at smelling a phony thank you. Unlike the proverbial "good job" to a toddler for simply peeing in the toilet, appreciation should actually be about something remarkable.


4. Find the good.

Tony Tjan, CEO of venture capital firm Cueball, recently spoke about optimism in an interview with the New York Times. He said:

When someone gives you an idea, try to wait just 24 seconds before criticizing it. If you can do that, wait 24 minutes. Then if you become a Zen master of optimism, you could wait a day, and spend that time thinking about why something actually might work.

Finding the good in something is not always easy--some ideas are bad, some jobs are bad, some people are bad--but there is usually a shred of good in everything. Notice it, then speak up about it. It's amazing how quickly this reframe--to see the possibility instead of the liability--will go viral, prompting others around you to see the good, too

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